About this site

Santacollectors.com is written (and occasionally obsessed over) by Angie McKaig (that's me), a self-professed web geek and dedicated Santa collector.

I've been collecting Santas since my early twenties, roughly ten years, but have been obsessed about Christmas for many years more. My Mom infected me when I was still quite young, getting me involved in making crafts for Christmas and decorating the house. When I was a kid, Christmas craft projects began in September so that we'd be ready for the holiday season - and yes, that meant Christmas music playing in September, since any good crafter knows you need the music to get into the spirit. To this day, I still begin listening to Christmas music in the summer or fall. Not all the time, you understand, just whenever I need that reminder of hope and love and home in my heart.

So, why collect Santas? To me, Santa is the obvious choice if you're going to collect something with a Christmas theme. He's red and white and very iconic. He's also a symbol of everything that's good, kind, and selfless in the world... as well as the magic and childlike wonder that can exist in our hearts if we just remember to put aside the stress-filled, selfish daily grind of 21st century life. Plus, you know, he brings gifts and eats chocolate chip cookies. Santa's my mentor. :)

I also believe, absolutely, that I have a special affinity for the big guy because of my birthday. It's December 6th, which is St. Nicholas Day. I swear, I'm not making this up. And as you may know, Santa Claus is a derivative of the tales of St. Nicholas, who did in fact give gifts to children in his time.

How many Santas do I have? I don't actually know, although I believe the count is somewhere around 100, not counting tree ornaments. I have Santa Claus figurines, Santa Claus candle holders and votives, Santa Claus salt-and-pepper shakers, Santa Claus candles, Santa Claus music boxes, half a dozen Santa Claus prints and one Santa Claus painting. You can see some of my collection below, and more items from the collection here.

Angie's Santa Collection

I love to hear from Santa collectors, Santa artists and other Christmas enthusiasts! Feel free to contact me at any time.

I hope you enjoy looking around the site. And remember to always keep the spirit of Santa in your heart.

  - Angie McKaig