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Books for a Santa collector, part 1

It's nice to be able to line your bookshelves with Santa-related books, both new and old. For those of us who (like me) only pull out their Santa collections for two months or so of the year, it's a way to be able to "reconnect" with Santa collecting and get your visual Santa fix without dragging out the whole kit. And kaboodle. You know what I mean?

Truth is, most Santa-related books that are really revered by collectors are older books and no longer in print. But that doesn't mean they're not findable - I've tracked down several that you might be interested in.

Santa Dolls & Figurines Price Guide : Antique to Contemporary, Revised Edition
Published in 1994. Back cover reads: "Discover valuable information and prices about numerous Santa collectibles. Images of Santa Claus from around the world and the legends that surround these figures are historically presented. Many fabulous examples of artist Santa figures are also included. A must for every collector of Christmas memorabilia."
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Santa Dolls: A Celebration of Father Christmas Doll Art, Both Antique and Contemporary
Published in 1992. Back cover reads: "Experience old & new Father Christmas dolls crafted in every conceivable & imaginable medium. A sampling of the enormous range of Santa dolls crafted from the past & today by many talented artists. Discover the magic behind the spirit of Santa Claus as each artist shares their story." You can read an excerpt here.
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History of Santa Claus Paper Dolls
Published in 1983. Back cover reads: "Immortal saint in history and legend—now a paper doll. Evolution of true Saint Nick to Santa Claus in four dolls, 18 historically accurate costumes. Delightful fun for Christmas, all seasons."
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Dream of Santa: Haddon Sundblom's Advertising Paintings for Christmas, 1932-1964
Published in 1997. This one has been on my personal wish list for years. I absolutely adore Haddon Sunblom's paintings of Santa (he's the man who painted the "Coca-Cola Santa" that we have all grown up with) and this book consistently gets awesome reviews.
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Much more in part 2, so stay tuned. :)

Posted: November 7, 2008 at 7:35 AM