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amazing santa LE print

Stop everything, hold the presses, I've just found an absolutely delicious new (to me, anyway) piece of art that I'd give my right snaggletooth to get my hands on:


This piece, entitled Checking It Twice, is the creation of Dean Morrissey (and he has an incredible eye - his other pieces are equally stunning, if not quite so Santa-riffic). Gallery One has both the 500-run s/n paper print (clocking in at $150) and - what Angie wants, dear Santa - the 100-run s/n giclee canvas print for an unspecified sum.

I promised myself that since I'm moving to a new home this fall, that no major Santa purchases are allowed this year - but oh, I cannot tell you how badly I'd love this piece.

Posted: September 22, 2005 at 11:32 AM